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Tove and the Archipelago Exhibition in Porvoo

On one of our days to Finland, we decided to travel to Porvoo to see the Tove and the Archipelago exhibtion at the Art Factory. It was about an hour away on the bus from Kamppi bus station in Helsinki, then about a ten minute walk to get to the exhibition. It was a gorgeous day and Porvoo is one of Finland’s second oldest towns, so we had a bit of an explore and took some pictures.

The images below of Tove Jansson, Tuulikki Pietilä and Klovharu are mainly taken from a computer screen that was tucked away in a corner at the exhibition, but they were so fascinating and I don’t think I’d seen any of them before, so I’m sorry for the bad quality images but I couldn’t not take pictures as they’re so rare!

We stopped at the cafe on the left above for drinks, I didn’t realise we were actually on a boat until Tomm told me! Continue reading

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Klovharu – Tove Jansson’s Island

Yesterday, I was doing some last minute searching for information about Tove Jansson’s island Klovharu/Haru and I found some contact details for someone who organises it and asked when it is open to the public. For anyone who doesn’t know, Tove and Lars (her brother) built a house on the island of Klovharu which is off the coast of Porvoo in the Pellinki archipelago. She and Tuulikki Pietilä lived there for almost thirty years. For Finnish and Swedish readers, information is available in Tove’s book Anteckningar från en ö (Notes From an Island), published in 1996. The Summer Book (Sommarboken) gives us more information about what it is like to live on an island, and is definitely worth the read (as are all of Jansson’s pieces).

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