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Funky Little People Online Shop

On Friday last week I was contacted by Anna, the owner of an online shop called Funky Little People. She specialises in sourcing Scandinavian products that are otherwise difficult to find, and would like to reach more Moomin fans as some of the merchandise she stocks is unavailable in the UK. So when Anna asked if I would like to be sent some products to review, I was really overjoyed and had to say yes. My post on Moomin tattoos is really popular and I wrote on my Twitter a few months ago that temporary Moomin tattoos need to be made, so I knew that I had to choose these to review.

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Moomin Mania at Glastonbury

This is just a short post whilst I’ve arrived at glastonbury festival about the outfits I’ll be wearing over the week. It’s always such a pain to choose what to wear for a festival. You want to look relatively nice but you also don’t want to take anything you don’t mind not bringing back… I personally hate wearing something other people have, so I learnt to sew a year ago and finally made use of my spare finlayson bedding. I bought my first piece of bedding 4-5 years ago when I had a single bed, but then I had no use for it when I got a double. Tomm’s mum offered to cut it in half and use one piece with extra fabric to make it fit my double so I was thrilled!

For Glastonbury I decided to make two halter neck tops and brought along my two dresses which most of my moomin friends have already seen. Remember that I’ve been traveling for about 6 hours and I’ve had to pack everything so my dresses aren’t in their best condition, they’re usually crease-free!





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Moomin Collection Photoshoot

I get asked ALL the time for pictures of my collection but because it’s scattered across the house (and other people’s houses, eek) it’s just not possible. Last year I was approached by a journalist who wanted to write an article on my love for Moomins for a magazine in the UK. It was published in Pick Me Up on December 13th and the reason I haven’t wrote about it here is because I was awaiting the photographer to send me the pictures, but I’ve finally got them! I tried to gather as much of my collection as possible.

moomin magazine

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Arabia Moomin Mugs –!

“Time has not reduced the appeal of the Moomins” – Katarina Pettersson, Brand Manager at Arabia.

This is a very special post as it features my favourite collectible merchandise… the mugs! I currently have 37/62 and I started collecting them in August 2011 on my first trip to Finland because they were cheap – only 11€ each. My total spend is now around £845 although they are worth quite a lot more. This post is in celebration of the launching of my new website which details information about the mugs and their estimated cost, which I know fellow collectors/sellers will find incredibly useful. Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know About Moominworld

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to get to Moominworld/Muumimaailma in Finland. It seems as though once people find out Moominvalley exists, they make it their life goal to visit (that includes me too). I found out about it six years ago when I was 14 and finally managed to go when I was 18.

I must fret that it isn’t a theme park as you know them to be. There are no rides. I personally think that would be awful if there were, because it is definitely a unique experience and the Finns are very proud of it. The best way to describe it is to say that they have built Moominvalley from the books/90s TV series.


Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 14.07.34

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10% off Stationary, Stickers and Cards at Artbox!

It’s an exciting week this week, because from April 22nd-29th Artbox have a special 10% discount code on orders for stationary, stickers and cards. It’s in aid of ‘Stationary Week’ so it’s definitely a deal to take advantage of seeing as the only other time they have vouchers is for their Birthday on November 1st. It’s also free delivery on orders over £20!

Amongst some of the products on offer in these categories are the amazing tapes, including the washi tape set. They would be a great craft idea for things like Wreck This Journal, sketchbooks, papercraft or just general Sellotape needs.
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Moomin Bakery and Cafe in Tokyo Japan

I have wanted to go to Japan for longer than I have been obsessed with Moomins, believe it or not. I’m completely obsessed with their culture, fashion, music and food. Imagine my reaction when I found out there was a Moomin bakery and cafe there in the Tokyo Dome! Sadly, I’ve never been to Japan because the cost was far too much and I wouldn’t be going just for Moomins unlike when I go to Finland. Tomm has promised to take me one day though! It is possible we will be there for one of the Moomin Days on August 9th, or around my birthday in April. So, this post will consist of pictures of the amazing cafe there that I hope to visit for every meal whilst I am in Japan.

You sit at your table alongside huge plush Moomin characters. You eat food in the shape of them. You eat your food with Moomin cutlery. You are basically in Moomin heaven!

















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Merry Moomin Christmas!

A few weeks ago I ventured to London to go to Hyper Japan and the Finnish Christmas Fair. Hyper Japan didn’t have a lot of Moomin merchandise, except for what the Artbox stall sold, but the Finnish Christmas Fair did, and the Scandinavian market outside. It was like being back in Finland – I didn’t realise there were so many Finnish people living in London. Apparently there are around 10,000! Sadly I didn’t manage to take any pictures inside (I was too busy eating lovely food and drinking lonkero/long drink) but here is a picture of my overall haul of the weekend:

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The Moomins and the Great Flood

November 1st marked a very special event in the UK – the release of The Moomins and the Great Flood published by Sort Of Books.

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My Latest Moomin Purchases

It seems like forever since I last blogged but I’ve got my notes app in my iPhone filled with new blog post ideas that I want to wait for certain dates to post them.

So, since leaving university in May and then going on a huge haul in Finland in July/August, I’ve honestly had no money to buy anything new. Luckily, I have an amazing boyfriend who is willing to buy me a few items if I can justify why I need them. In all honesty, I could justify getting any item… but he will only buy me rare or incredibly good value merchandise, which is understandable. Here are the things I’ve got in the last month:

Rare Moomin duvet cover and pillow set on eBay – £20.01
Pretty much no one makes Moomin dresses so I took the plunge and made my own recently (you can see me wearing it on the right sidebar). Moomin duvet covers are expensive so you’re lucky if you can find one on eBay or etsy that sells cheap. I had to get this because it means I won’t want to buy any clothes as I can make my own now, which is fair, right? This is a picture of the padded blanket I got with it because the material is all cut up ready to be sewn into a dress.



Rare Moomin fuzzy felt LP soundtracks – £36.48 (I think)
I got these from one of my favourite Moomin fans who is sadly selling most of his collection. Okay, I didn’t have to buy these, but I was really scared someone would buy them when I could afford to get them myself (my intuition is usually correct) so he agreed to give me them at a discounted rate which I couldn’t refuse.



Rare Stockmann 150 years mug No. 125 2012 – £33
Only 25,000 of these mugs were made which on its own meant it would be pretty hard to get one, never mind the fact that only one store sold them in the entire world and that was in Finland! I am so grateful and fortunate that I have a really good friend over there who was more than happy to pick one up for me. The illustration was donated to Stockmann by Tove Jansson 50 years ago. It was expected to be released for Stockmann’s 100th anniversary but somehow only just got released.



Rare Christmas mug 2004-2005 Joulumuki – £58
I’ve had bad luck buying this in the past. Being outbid and not willing to pay more than £120 for it has meant that I’ve missed out on getting this twice now, but I was in luck at the weekend and won it for half the usual selling price. I LOVE Christmas and this is definitely in my top 5 favourite mugs, not just because it’s beautiful but because the story that the illustration came from (The Fir Tree, Tales from Moominvalley) really touched me and gives me that winter feeling no matter what time of year I read it. It was also the first ever Moomin story that I read, as I found the chapter online in 2009 whilst I was in France.



Moominvalley Turns Jungle, Moomin’s Winter Follies and a Moomin keyring – FREE!
Would you believe my surprise when Tomm won a competition with PGUK Children’s  for all three items? They actually mean a lot more to me than you’d expect. Firstly, I was searching around Manchester on Free Comic Book Day 2012 (May 5th if I remember correctly) as I knew they were giving away the new colour Moominvalley Turns Jungle, but everywhere had ran out. I also pre-ordered Moomin’s Winter Follies but had to cancel my order as I couldn’t afford it, which really upset me. So I am really overjoyed to have these products now!



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