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New Moomin Shop Decor!

The Moomin Shop in London’s Covent Garden have been planning their redecoration for a while, so when I visited in November I was terribly excited to see it in person. It’s so vibrant, full of life and you can definitely tell a lot of time and effort was put into making it so wonderful. There is a huge mural that fills the entire wall and even a postbox so you can leave your messages to Moominvalley. This post is very picture heavy but that’s the best way to show you how brilliant it is! 



















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Moomin Fimo Polymer Clay and Groke Mac Vinyl Decal

I’m the sort of person who loves to make things by hand rather than pay for them. I spend a lot of time on YouTube watching tutorials on different crafts such as nail art, hair, make-up, sewing and my latest obsession: polymer clay. I found that it wasn’t too expensive to buy so I took the plunge and bought some. I was a bit upset that I hadn’t seen any other people making Moomin characters out of them so I tried it myself. The clay goes a long way, especially if you make things that are small – they are more intricate but look cuter (and are more cost effective!). Here are a few of my clay Moomin creations that I’ve made in the last week:


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My 25 Favourite Moomin Cakes

As a passionate Moomin lover and also cake baker, I thought that I would post a countdown of my favourite Moomin cakes that I have seen on the internet – and believe me, there are more than 25, so this was really hard for me!

25 – This was found on Vesselin väkerrykset‘s blog. I really love the Groke and I think this looked like great fun to make. Not many people like her because she is scary, but she just wants to be loved!

24 – The Moomin cake at the Bury art museum on October 24th 2010 for the Magical Moominvalley exhibition. It was simple yet beautiful. I stole one of the boats!

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