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Moomin Mania at Glastonbury

This is just a short post whilst I’ve arrived at glastonbury festival about the outfits I’ll be wearing over the week. It’s always such a pain to choose what to wear for a festival. You want to look relatively nice but you also don’t want to take anything you don’t mind not bringing back… I personally hate wearing something other people have, so I learnt to sew a year ago and finally made use of my spare finlayson bedding. I bought my first piece of bedding 4-5 years ago when I had a single bed, but then I had no use for it when I got a double. Tomm’s mum offered to cut it in half and use one piece with extra fabric to make it fit my double so I was thrilled!

For Glastonbury I decided to make two halter neck tops and brought along my two dresses which most of my moomin friends have already seen. Remember that I’ve been traveling for about 6 hours and I’ve had to pack everything so my dresses aren’t in their best condition, they’re usually crease-free!





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Moomin T-shirts

Over the last few years, New Look have been the main producer of Moomin t-shirts. have had three t-shirts in the last three years, but they stopped selling them rather soon. What really annoyed me about New Look is that despite the t-shirts being great quality, price and designs, they would not appear online so I would have to go in store, which was a pain because I like to check new products for Moomin stockists every week or so, and it was asking a bit too much of me because it’s easier to do this online.

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Rare Little My Bag

I recently made a huge order of about £180 worth of Moomin products on Artbox for my Christmas presents. This site sells some exclusive items, such as cards, keyrings and this little beauty:

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