Small Update

It feels like forever since I’ve posted anything here, and I’m going to be honest – my love for Moomin has kind of dwindled recently. It’s really upsetting, but I don’t have time to scroll through my Twitter feed everyday like I used to, and I feel as though there aren’t many amazing products or news to tell you about. Since Moomin launched their website and own blog, I don’t feel like mine really compares to that because they obviously have insider knowledge that’s much more interesting than anything I could write about!

On the plus side, I’m saving up to go to Japan, and they are opening a Moomin theme park in 2015! I’ve also booked my holiday to Finland this summer (July 18th-25th) which means I can finally visit the Ateneum Tove Jansson exhibition and a whole load of other places (see for more events)

I promise I’ll be more active in the future when I can be, and I’ll try to use Twitter more too. I’m not sure what type of posts you all like to read, so if you can please comment below with what you’d like to see on my blog and I’ll try my best :)

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6 responses to “Small Update”

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Adele
    how lovely you are going to Finland! that would be a great experience and I would be waiting for your reviews of all the places you visited here on your blog!
    The views and reviews is what I always look for in people’s blogs, your own experiences, likes and dislikes can make for a great read so please do carry on.
    As for the mentioned, I am afraid they have gone a little bit too commercial to me, the website does not appeal to me in any way, shape or form, add their FB page and it’s become a showcase of the products they have available for sale… I think it’s all lacking a great Moomin spirit, I wish it was more about the characters themselves than the stuff they can be found on. Sad sad sad and that’s why blog like yours should be kept by all means! Perhaps you could write about which Moomin books or parts of them are your absolute favourites? (just an idea!)

  2. Jonas says:

    Hi Adele!

    We have been thrilled and inspired by your posts and we do hope that you’ll keep writing about all things that you are passionate about. There is still so much about Tove Jansson and the Moomins to be discovered and we need voices all around the world to tell about it.

    At All Things Moomin we’ve tried to post about things that interest people such as daily inspiring quotes, information about events, photos and illustrations from Tove’s life and books as well as updates on new Moomin items. Everyone seems to be interested in different things and we’ve strived to strike a balance, especially between the informational and commercial.

    We would also like to feature posts by Moomin and Tove fans on the blog (as in the case with for example Letters from Tove) and if you’re interested we’d love to invite you to write about your trip to Finland and your impression of the Tove exhibition.

    All the best

    All Things Moomin

  3. Mark says:

    Hi, just wanted to say I like the site, lots of interesting things on it, and a great resource for finding out more… Best of all, it’s personal, and there’s nothing like someone’s enthusiasm to engage a reader :) Dwindling love? Surely not – you’ll enjoy the Tove Jansson exhibition. I saw it a couple of months ago, knowing virtually nothing about her or the Moomins, and was fascinated. She was much more of an artist than I had any clue about. I’ll be coming back to see how you got on
    Cheers, Mark

  4. Paul Smith says:

    Hi Adele,

    Interests come and go, they ebb and flow like the tide around a small island – you’ve got a passion for all things Moomin that will persist these changes of seasons.

    Sometimes life is very busy and fills a lot of the available space and sometimes there’s more time to indulge passions and interests. Don’t dishearten – anyone that’s followed you on Twitter or comes to this blog does so because we share some of that too. Your not a commercial site and you honestly and earnestly share your passion, which is a very good thing – one of the great joy’s in life is finding ‘your kind of people’ and you’ve built a lighthouse for ‘your kind of people’ ;0)

    Hope you have a great time in Finland – are you timing you trip so you can get to Klovharu?

    Best regards

  5. Libby says:

    Hello Adele,

    I would love to hear all about your trip to Finland! I’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t managed it yet. Please take lots of photos and post them here when you return!

    As has already been said, your personal passion for the Moomins shines through this blog, and so it feels a completely different “flavour” to All Things Moomin.

    Keep well, and have a lovely time in Finland!

  6. Milla says:

    Hi Adele!

    Greetings from Finland, Porvoo! Actually: you are currently here @ Finland ;)

    Did you get to Klovharun? I HOPE SO!

    Have a nice Holiday here in Finland… <3

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