Rare Little My Bag

I recently made a huge order of about £180 worth of Moomin products on Artbox for my Christmas presents. This site sells some exclusive items, such as cards, keyrings and this little beauty:

I’ve wanted this for years, and Artbox is the only place I know of that sells it. I couldn’t justify paying £42 for it though, being the poor student that I am… However, today, I finally bought it, as it has been reduced down to £25.20!  They also offer free postage on orders over £20, which is perfect.

The only thing is… Moomin products are never reduced on Artbox. I’m thinking this means they are going to take it off the website and stop selling it, so I think everyone should buy it while they can, because it’s so pretty! I also bought a cute little pen that’s one of their new products:

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  1. Jérôme says:

    This bag is so awesome !

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