Presents & new knickers!

As expected, I got tons of Moomin products for Christmas. I chose most of them off Artbox in November because they were offering a 20% off discount code for one day, so Tomm spent £150 there. They have the 2011 limited edition bubbles mug so I had to get that before it shot up in price.
I basically chose all the things I always wanted to get but never had the money for because they weren’t necessities, and Artbox is my favourite place to get anything cute from.

I’ve recently started using Twitter (@moomin_mania) and I love seeing people talking about Moomins! It’s also a personal form of social media for me, I tend to retweet bizarre sex facts because I want to go into sexual health one day, but anyone is welcome to follow and tweet me. Speaking of Artbox, they retweeted me talking about the moomins a few days ago! I was so happy, I bet they remembered me from my huge order (which they probably hated me for, but hey I’m promoting them now!)



I tell a lie actually, the comic book was a present off my brother and it’s from Amazon because it’s a lot cheaper there and we’re all poor students living off our loans…

I also got a Snufkin bracelet off my other brother and his girlfriend. I think I’ve seen it on eBay over the last few years, but I honestly have no idea of where to get it now.
It means a lot to me – it’s hard to buy for someone when you assume they have everything already, but I reeeeaaalllyyy don’t! I genuinely have a wish-list specifically for Moomin products which has hundreds of items that I plan to get. So when I opened the box, I was really surprised and excited because I’d always wanted a Moomin bracelet.



So anyway, some big news that I think people will love – I was on the train to Wigan yesterday and I thought I’d check Topshop’s website because I used to check every week for new Moomin products, but they haven’t had any since August. Funnily enough, they have some new navy blue and red knickers! I got them last night at the Trafford Centre. I like to get a size bigger than I actually am for comfort; I’ve not tried them on yet but I would never ever return anything Moomin. They were £4 but I got them for £3.60 with student discount (-10%).



Other than that, I’ve not been doing anything fun. I’ve had a lot of work to do for university and my exams start next week, but from the 19th-29th I’m free, so I plan to make a lot of gifs, read and celebrate Chinese New Year.

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