Moomins in Finland Part Two

This blog post will be dedicated to Moomin world (Muumimaailma). I went on Tuesday July 31st. It took two hours to get to Turku from Helsinki, so we opted for the early 8am train. The trains are lovely, they have free wifi and even a children’s play area. The prices are amazing too, being only 60€ for a return trip. When we arrived in Turku, we walked to the Holiday Inn where the Moomin bus departed from. This was only a ten minute walk and the bus was 12€ for a return. When we first got there, it was nearing 11am so I decided to go straight to the art gallery at Mannerheiminkatu 5 next to the Moomin Shop to see the new museum about Moominworld (but that is for another blog post).

Moominworld is so amazing for people of all ages, because they’ve practically built Moominvalley. It’s even on its own island called Kailo. The Moomin family and friends all gather round to sing songs and take pictures outside their house. It’s very family orientated which is lovely but the only downside of it is that the merchandise there is more expensive than other places, but there are some exclusive items made just to be sold there like towels, blankets, t-shirts, slippers and drinks bottles. However, there are special discount vouchers that can be found on their Facebook page here.


The Moomin mobile!

The entrance bridge to Moominworld, although there was a banner covering the usual one because it is a celebration year having been open for 20 years now.


This really amused us – the Moomin house paint is sponsored by the company Teknos! It might seem silly to advertise it but I think it’s a really great idea because you could get the exact colours if you wanted to build your own Moomin house, whether it’s a full sized one or just a playhouse.


The brand new ‘Thingy and Bob’s Icecream Bar’.

The new “Groke’s Frozen Yogurt” shop. It’s not frozen yoghurt though, just icecream, so don’t get your hopes up!

Over near Moominpappa’s time machine, the happy couple were playing around. This year’s theme is wild west.


We ate at Moominmamma’s kitchen, where the offered an all you can eat buffet for just under 15€. The cups were so adorable that I had to bring one home, I don’t know how it didn’t get squashed! We ate meatballs, gravy, mash and vegetables.


There are a lot of story boards like this around Moominworld with snippets from the books.

It looked like they’re building something new behind this. I can’t wait to see what it is!

I absolutely loved this. They’d cut out stitch-like lines of the Moomins and had a light shining through. It would look amazing at night.

This means ‘warrant for arrest’ and ‘inquiry’. Somehow my translation showed ‘warrant for arrest for sneezing’ at first!

This was so cute, I can just imagine Moominmamma and Moominpappa waking up in the morning and thinking “hmm, what shall I wear today!?!”

I’ve obviously not uploaded every single picture that was taken because we got better pictures last year when we went, so I’ll upload them another time.






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  1. Clare Booth says:

    Really good to see a preview of moominworld and read your comments, I cant wait to take my daughter here as soon as she is big enough to appreciate it, she has over enthusiatic parents so im sure she WILL love moomins!

  2. Angharad says:

    I’ve just come across your blog, I’ve loved the moomins since i was little too. It’s great to see some real photos of Moominland. Makes me want to take my kids there even more now. Thank you. Please keep posting.

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