Moomins in Finland Part One

From July 27th to August 3rd I spent the week in Finland (if you didn’t know this already where have you been!?!). We got there at 11pm Finnish time so we just went straight to the hotel and watched the opening ceremony of the olympics. On Saturday, we woke up early and had a list of places I wanted to go to. The main priority for the day was finding out where sold the cheapest Moomin products, so off we went around Helsinki to the usual shops: Finlayson, The Moomin Shop, Stockmann, Sokos, K Citymarket etc.



The Moomin Shop, complete with an advert for Spinfy’s app The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My



The weather was amazing but this meant that my feet became swollen and started to rub in my shoes so that it was too painful to walk anywhere. I carried on for a few hours but by then I was limping and we had to go back to the hotel and bandage my feet (and take a nap). We woke up at 1am to extreme thunder and lightning but it was fun! On Sunday, we went to Tikkurila and met up with my friend I met online called Anna, her girlfriend Silja and a couple more of their friends. We went to Hohtogolf (glow in the dark minigolf), the beach and then to a few bars at night. We were outside under a shelter when it started to thunder and lightning which was surreal.



Tikkurila train station art!?!


Anna and I at the beach

Tomm <3

Unfortunately the train times were wrong and instead of there being a train at 2am, the next one was at 4am back to Helsinki, so Anna and Silja kindly let us stay at theirs and they took us to the train station the next morning. I think the best memories are those which you don’t expect, just like this one! On Monday, we went to Sello and met up with one of my most favourite Moomin fanatics from Twitter called Nina. She was lovely and didn’t mind me being fussy going into all the shops to find merchandise. She even returned the new summer 2012 primadonna’s horse bowl for me because we found it 5€ cheaper in another shop (every euro counts!). I had a great day but I was extremely tired because of only getting five hours sleep and one too many long drinks. I convinced Nina to buy the Night Moomin blanket from Finlayson for 69€ because they removed it from their website and are no longer selling them.

I fell in love with the shops called Prisma and Anttila because they sell merchandise a lot cheaper than anywhere else. Nina bought me the Moomin Bridge pillowcase for 5€ on sale, and I found a bright orange Moomin blanket for 10€ that was originally €40 or €50! I also got a ton of the Muumi shampoo and shower gel, all four flavours of the new loose tea and Little My ketchup.



That’s all for part one of my trip to Finland. Look out for tomorrow’s post which will be about my trip to Muumimaailma – Moominworld!


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  1. Jérôme says:

    I was in Helsinki one month ago, how in the world could I miss the Moomin Shop ! It’s on my top list of things to do next time I go there.

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