Moomin Haul

Many of you know that I started university to study nursing in September 2011 and from then until March I’ve had almost no money at all. However, I’ve just received a huge backlog of payments for uni and so I’ve definitely treated myself over the Easter holidays, but it was greatly deserved!

It was my 19th Birthday on April 5th, and I was given a budget of £100 off Tomm for my presents. I decided to shop around and bought some of the Moomin books – mainly from Amazon, which is the cheapest place.



On April 8th, we ventured off to London because I am a huge Harry Potter fan and we had booked tickets for the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. I thought I’d take the chance to buy a few things in the Moomin Shop in Covent Garden whilst I was there, so here is what I brought back:





Big cookie cutter – £8.50
Moominmamma cookie cutter – £2.99
Moomin cookie cutter – £2.99
Moominpappa cookie cutter – £2.99
Fork set Stinky & the Hattifatteners – £10.50
Dangerous Journey match box – £4.00
Oven glove set £16.00 and £14.00
Mymble’s Mother mug – £16.95
Spreading plate – £7.50
Moominmamma Rose Garden Bowl 2010 – £35.95
Little My Soap Bubbles Bowl 2011 – £35.95

Total = £158.32


We also went to Center Parcs on April 13th and whilst we were there, we visited one of my really good friends that I met on eBay who is also a big Moomin collector, but sadly he is selling his collection. Luckily for me, he let me choose pretty much whatever I wanted from all the stuff he had! Some rare items were purchased which I can’t put a price on, but I spent £225 and this is what I got:



A lot of these items can be found on eBay, moominworldshop or moominvalleyshop. One of my favourite purchases here is the newspaper where the Moomin comic strip was originally published. It is called The Evening News and dates back to Wednesday, January 5th 1955. It even features an article about how colour TV was coming to Britain!



I also bought five mugs too – family 2002, moominmamma rose garden 2010, Christmas surprise 2009, dolphindive 2007 and skiing competition 2010. Here is my mug collection almost complete – only my Snorkmaiden 2001 mug is missing because I’m using it at the moment.





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