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On Friday last week I was contacted by Anna, the owner of an online shop called Funky Little People. She specialises in sourcing Scandinavian products that are otherwise difficult to find, and would like to reach more Moomin fans as some of the merchandise she stocks is unavailable in the UK. So when Anna asked if I would like to be sent some products to review, I was really overjoyed and had to say yes. My post on Moomin tattoos is really popular and I wrote on my Twitter a few months ago that temporary Moomin tattoos need to be made, so I knew that I had to choose these to review.


I remember temporary tattoos were popular when I was younger, but they were never good quality and you’d usually lose a bit of the design when you peeled it away. But as with all Moomin merchandise that I’ve purchased, it’s always been excellent quality and I’ve never been disappointed. I applied the tattoo just before I went to sleep last night and I’ve found that it definitely looks better in natural daylight.


Just after it was applied


After about 24 hours, part has rubbed off due to the extreme heat and I had my arm bent most of the day – silly me!

On the back of the tattoo packaging it does say that they should not be used on sensitive skin, so please be careful – although I have sensitive skin, and I haven’t had any reaction to it. They are not suitable for children under the age of 3 as they contain small parts.

Anna also sent me some postcards, stickers and a card handy which I’m excited to use on my trips to London for easy access to my oyster card. What’s more, I also received flyers that offer 15% discount off orders with the code ‘15%OFF’





The shop offers a wide variety of items such as cards which I have only ever seen in Finnish shops. One of my favourite things about Funky Little People is that there is so much children’s clothing, which seems to be very hard to find but also one of the most requested products. Overall, I’m really pleased with my items and I’m thankful to Anna for giving me this opportunity, but mostly for providing us with such a fun and unique shop.

Funky Little People’s Facebook page
Funky Little People’s Twitter page

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