Here I will try and list all the most well-known places and websites that are associated with Moomins and Tove Jansson across the world. 


United Kingdom

The Moomin Shop, Covent Garden
Newly opened in December 2011, this is a beautifully designed shop that has a lot of imported products from Finland. They also sell rare mugs for very reasonable prices, as well as artwork.

Thunder Egg – Manchester
This shop sells the Disaster Designs Moomin products, as well as many kitsch and kawaii gifts and clothes.

Magma Books – Covent Garden, Manchester, Clerkenwell
This is a really cool shop that not only sells books, but Moomin kitchenware and plush toys too.

Cybercandy – Covent Garden
This shop sells foods from all over the world, including Moomin sweets from Finland.

Artbox – Covent Garden,  Kings Road, Oxford Street Selfridges
This shop sells everything cute you can ever think of! They do some exclusive Moomin products, and if you time it right they put discount vouchers online.



If you’ve just arrived in Finland at Vantaa airport, at baggage collection there is literally a shop selling Moomin products facing! I’m not too familiar with all the places in Finland, but here are the ones I know of –

This is a beautiful textiles shop that sells exclusive Moomin products, such as bedding, pillow cases, towels and fabric.

This is a department store that sell tons of Moomin products, including soft toys, magazines, instruments, toiletries, drinks and snacks.

This is a huge department store that sells all the Moomin kitchenware including mugs, bowls and even scissors.

Moominworld/Muumimailma – Turku
This is the one and only Moomin theme park! Here, you can see all the characters going about their daily business, walk through the Moomin’s house, have something to eat in Moominmamma’s kitchen and then relax on the beach. It truly is the most amazing Moomin attraction, it even has its own island!
Make sure you take a walk through Naantali Old Town and visit the Moomin shop.

Moominworld Shop (Online)
This is the official online shop for Moominworld. It sells exclusive products like hairclips, 75cm Moomin plushies and tickets for entry to the theme park.

Tampere Art Museum, Muumilaakso – Tampere
This is an exciting Moomin museum with original paintings and figurines created by Tove Jansson herself. Make sure you check out the five storey Moomin house that Tove and her partner Tuulikka built. It also has its own bronze sculpture of Moomintroll and a shop that sells many rare items.

Moominvalley Shop (Online)
This is the offical shop for Tampere Art Museum. Here you can find figurines, mousemats, bags and clocks.

The Moomin Shop, Forum – Helsinki
This shop sells all sorts of Moomin memorabilia, from t-shirts to drinking straws. They also have artwork for sale.

The Moomin Shop – Helsinki Vantaa airport departures
This is a beautiful ice-themed Moomin shop in the departure lounge of Helsinki Vantaa airport. They have fridge magnets, snow globes and board games.

Tove Jansson’s Studio – not open to the public, Ullanlinnankatu 1, Helsinki
This is where Tove Jansson lived and worked for most of her life. It is still in the same condition as she left it, and outside the building there is a bronze plaque with her face sculpted into it.

Hietaneimi Cemetery – Hietaniemenkatu, Helsinki
This is where Tove Jansson’s gravestone is. It is hard to find but this map should help. It is located in plot 15 near the hospital.

Kankurin Tupa – Pohjoisesplanadi 35, Helsinki
This is a shop that sells winter clothes but upstairs they have a whole floor dedicated to Moomin merchandise. It’s worth going just to look at the wonderful window displays!

Sculptures by Viktor Jansson
Convolvlus – Kaisaniemi park – Helsinki. Tove was a model for this.
Lahden vapaudenpatsas – Lahti
Tampereen vapaudenpatsas – Tampere
Nuoruus – Håmeenlinna center in Kirjaston puisto. Tove was also a model for this.
The Mermaid and Water Nymphs – Esplanadi, Helsinki. Tove was a model for this too.

Here is a bench with a Moomin plaque on. See here for more information.

Anttila, Prisma, K-citymarket and s-market also sell various Moomin merchandise. These are Finnish shops and supermarkets that sell things at competitive prices.


Moomin Bakery & Cafe
This is a unique cafe that position Moomin plush toys on the tables to keep you company while you eat their delicious Moomin-themed food items

Moomin Shop
This is part of the bakery and cafe. It sells a variety of different Moomin products including Hattifattener cooking tongs and Hattifattener pasta!

Moomin Bubble Tea Stand

I know there are endless lists of Moomin-related shops and places to visit, but I’m not too familiar with every single one because I haven’t been able to travel to all of them. Hopefully, in the future, I will be 100% informed of all the places. If you can help, please contact me!



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