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I forgot to mention yesterday that Artbox have reduced the prices of their mugs from £15.90 to £14.50! They also have a lot of new stationary like notebooks (which I plan to buy before I start my placement at a hospital soon). I bought a pen recently but it snapped before I even used it, but luckily superglue managed to fix it.

I’ve just realised they’ve also updated their stock too – these two products have just shown up:

They’re really cheap too, only £4.40 each.

The new “hurray” mug has just been released and the matching spoon will be available from March 1st:


Also, the new Exploits of Moominpappa book has been released:



This week I’ve also spoken to a manager at New Look, as they used to stock Moomin t-shirts and underwear, but they told me they are no longer getting them, which is really upsetting. I complained a while ago that they didn’t advertise them on their website, and every time I went in store there would be nothing – I’d find them showing up on eBay and I’d end up paying a lot more than they’re originally worth.

On a brighter note, a cute little book shop I like to visit called Magma are selling a really cool Moomin origami paper book, complete with instructions and cut-outs ready to make. Despite it all being in Japanese, it’s not needed to understand how to make them. I paid £14 for my copy but I saw one on eBay go for £45.



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