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My 25 Favourite Moomin Cakes

As a passionate Moomin lover and also cake baker, I thought that I would post a countdown of my favourite Moomin cakes that I have seen on the internet – and believe me, there are more than 25, so this was really hard for me!

25 – This was found on Vesselin väkerrykset‘s blog. I really love the Groke and I think this looked like great fun to make. Not many people like her because she is scary, but she just wants to be loved!

24 – The Moomin cake at the Bury art museum on October 24th 2010 for the Magical Moominvalley exhibition. It was simple yet beautiful. I stole one of the boats!

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Moomin T-shirts

Over the last few years, New Look have been the main producer of Moomin t-shirts. have had three t-shirts in the last three years, but they stopped selling them rather soon. What really annoyed me about New Look is that despite the t-shirts being great quality, price and designs, they would not appear online so I would have to go in store, which was a pain because I like to check new products for Moomin stockists every week or so, and it was asking a bit too much of me because it’s easier to do this online.

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An Unwanted Guest – Skurken i Muminhuset

The title ‘Skurken i Muminhuset’ translates to ‘The villain of the Moomin house’. It was published in 1980 but has never been officially translated into English.

The pictures found within the story are all photographs taken by Per Olov Jansson (Tove’s brother) from within the Moomin house which was constructed by Tove Jansson, her partner Tuulikki Pietilä and Pentti Eistola in the 1970s. This is now situated in the Moomin musuem (muumilaakso) in Tampere art gallery, Finland. The story of its creation is available in the museum, but photographs are not permitted. The next time I go, I will write down exactly what it says.

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Gifts and Interior Design Trade Fair/Vårmessen

From January 26th-29th the Gifts and Interior Design Trade Fair took place in Norway. I personally did not manage to make it there because of university, but a lovely person on Twitter blogged about it and took many photos which I will show here (with permission!). This is the website for the fair’s Moomin page for if anyone is interested in going in the future. One day I hope I can go. The text translates to:

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