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Podcasts & The Joy of Books

Whilst browsing through the iTunes store, I thought I’d search ‘Tove Jansson’ in and see what results I’d get. You can get a lot of the Moomin music, most of the books and free podcasts. Seeing as I have all the books and some music, I decided to have a listen to the podcasts.

The first one I listened to was from an English lecturer called Kate Macdonald, which I think was released on September 22nd 2011. She makes podcasts called ‘Why I Really Like This Book’ and this one was called Tove Jansson and the Moomins. I thought it was fascinating to listen to someone describe all the Moomin characters in such a perfect way,  so I would definitely recommend listening to it. It’s just less than 10 minutes and is completely free! Her website is – the podcast can be downloaded there or on iTunes.

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Discounts & new products

I forgot to mention yesterday that Artbox have reduced the prices of their mugs from £15.90 to £14.50! They also have a lot of new stationary like notebooks (which I plan to buy before I start my placement at a hospital soon). I bought a pen recently but it snapped before I even used it, but luckily superglue managed to fix it.

I’ve just realised they’ve also updated their stock too – these two products have just shown up:

They’re really cheap too, only £4.40 each.

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Presents & new knickers!

As expected, I got tons of Moomin products for Christmas. I chose most of them off Artbox in November because they were offering a 20% off discount code for one day, so Tomm spent £150 there. They have the 2011 limited edition bubbles mug so I had to get that before it shot up in price.
I basically chose all the things I always wanted to get but never had the money for because they weren’t necessities, and Artbox is my favourite place to get anything cute from.

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